Lindenwood University

BROADCAST SPOTS | LOCAL | Lindenwood University

We were selected to help bring the 2024 Lindenwood University recruitment campaign to life. This campaign is built around seemingly innocuous, day-in-the-life Lindenwood experiences, but after a closer look, lead to visual discoveries of bold LU statements that are uncovered in each scene. The highly stylized and curated scenes are shot to include bold, LU specific benefits and selling points that feel iconic and own-able. These detailed close-ups of the features/benefits messaging are expertly crafted to be used in both print and video to deliver a consistent Lindenwood ad series across all placements. This was a very unique and unexpected execution in which we were able to show off multiple locations and features of the Lindenwood campus. It invites exploration and viewers to take a second glance.

Still photography was utilized alongside video and used for out of home and multiple billboard displays.

Director/DP: Stephen Greathouse

Post Production: Tandem Post House